May 2020: Final Issue

cover art: “Black” by Karyna Aslanova

Renoir Gaither
Em Dial
Jocelyn M. Ulevicus
Andrew Sutherland
Tor Ferrante
Nikki Donadio
Thanh Bui
Isabella Barricklow
Michelle Renee Hoppe
Jasmine Ledesma
Lucy Zhang

Karyna Aslanova is a Kyiv-born Ukrainian multimedia artist, director, and photographer, and although photography is her principle medium, Karyna also uses video, painting and illustration, and poetry to further her exploration into a multitude of subjects. Karyna’s art photography projects often use other-worldly imagery to reflect modern social issues, with a vague but familiar base note perceptible through a haze of the strange and incongruous.



Thank you to our readers, contributors, supporters, and everyone that has made the last 6 years possible. We hope you enjoy our final issue of Crab Fat and continue to read and share the works that we’ve had the pleasure to publish since 2014.

Be well,

Caseyrenée and Willy

FROM THE EDITORS: Goodbye, Friends.

Dear friends, readers, and supporters,

Unfortunately, Crab Fat Magazine is ceasing publication after our May 2020 issue. This decision is not something we take lightly as we’ve mulled it over for many months. Began in the summer of 2014 as a reaction to anti-trans bigotry, Crab Fat has provided us with so many opportunities, and given us the chance to meet and befriend so many incredible writers in the literary community. Though, as we wrap up our 6th year of publication, we have decided to say goodbye.

Over the last 2 years, we have struggled with cancer, IVF failures, significant mental health issues, and intermittent general malaise that has hampered our ability to provide the care and attention that a journal deserves. This isn’t fair to our contributors and readers, so we want to end on a positive note and not be one of those journals that just goes black without any explanation or reason. We’ve had a great run, and it’s because of the wonderful support that so many people have provided us.

We’ve always been a platform for marginalized voices. We will continue to support these voices by keeping Crab Fat alive in perpetuity online. We think it’s essential that all of the beautiful prose, poetry, and art we’ve published over the years remain intact for future reading and sharing. However, our sister press, Damaged Goods, is not going anywhere and will remain open, accepting submissions from queer and trans writers on a rolling basis.

We thank you for your years of support and encouragement. As we navigate the remainder of 2020, please stay safe and be well.

Caseyrenée and Willy

December 2019

cover art: “a future without man” by roman pace


Tam(sin) Blaxter
Chelsea Margaret Bodnar
Alan Chazaro
Kelly Duarte
Alyssa Zaczek
Justin Allard
Janine Blue


roman pace is a southern-based non-binary lesbian artist. they question madness and queerness through collage, poetry and photography. their work explores the divine feminine, monsters, and hyperobjects such as climate change. you can find their work on instagram (@roman.pace) and at

Pushcart Prize Nominations 2019

We’re happy to nominate the following writers for the forthcoming Prize. Good luck to all of this year’s nominees!

“Ich Will Nix Alter Werden” – Arielle Burgdorf, January 2019

“Life of an Ophelian Girl” – Erica Holmes, February 2019

“Necroepithetimancy” – Tijqua Daiker, May 2019

“excerpt from book of shadows” – Erin Lyndal Martin, September 2019

“Saint Teresa With Her Legs Spread” – Jerakah Greene, October 2019

“All our sexts as necessary fictions” – Lotte Mitchell Reford, October 2019