Tijqua Daiker







an individual who is attracted
to the rotting corpse
of a deadname.
as in

the vulture-eyed men
at the bar, lick their lips
ask so, what’s your real name
& suddenly i am yanked
out of my body
out of existence
& only my bones remain
& they sink
their teeth into the corpse
& i can only watch them
devour me as i never truly was
& i can only watch
& i can only die
again and again
as they ask
again and again
so, what were you
born as?
which is predatorial
for what creature
have you become?
& i may be
beyond what they
know to be human
but at least i am
not a necro-






the mythed practice
of communicating
with one’s own deadname,
especially in order to live
long enough
to enjoy the future.

as in


i hold séance
with the dead
parts of myself for you
the same way
that we don’t correct
the elderly who mistake us
for younger versions
of their dead
it isn’t anything
other than
for you
& for you
i become
a many faced god
that was once
just a many named kid
who read too much
& embodied
an American sort
of reincarnation


Tijqua Daiker lives in the tundra commonly referred to as Minnesota and is simply doing their best.

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