shy watson

every time i have a dirty thought about you, you snore (saturday)


watching you open your bedroom door feels like

watching you open your bedroom door


i could watch you wipe cum off your dick all day


my back kind of hurts this morning

i guess

that’s what i get



i’m the bad guy (tuesday)


look at it this way—at least we didn’t get matching tattoos


look at it this way— at least i didn’t move to austin


look at it this way— i am eating frozen tropical fruit mix from trader joe’s so i can think more clearly so i can write about you



a couple of years ago an ex texted me randomly at night

he said, “my least favorite thing about you is your ability

to let good things go.”







not really saying much of anything

inexplicable guilt from dirty things

that have come out of my mouth


in a bedroom with a closed door

the moon was full the other night

and someone put a kit-kat in the fridge for me

but i am late this month


a stomach full of cranberry juice

i’m not trying to pass on this disease

it’s just not easy

being placed inside of someone else’s snow globe

to be looked at


my friends had a blizzard in denver yesterday

i had a flurry here today

i think

it carried over


my orchid is dying because i look at it

and know that it needs water

but i stay seated


i want you to visit

but at the same time i don’t

because i know how weak i am


on the second day we spent time together

you spoke of how you can talk

most people into most things

and i put a flag on it




the most insincere shit

is said

under sheets


shy watson is a poet and watercolor artist living in portland, or. she is the author
of AWAY STATUS (bottlecap press 2016). find more of her work at!

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