Shaina Clingempeel

As you become air mattress tight,

you shroud your worth

in circumference.


At first, it feels better

to feel less

like a run-on.


To pin-prick your skin

and let air escape

from the sides.


Say feminist and carve

skin to bone.  Reduce

even word-span to each syllable.


Resemble yourself at eight,

crouched down, clinging

to mother’s sleeves.


When you felt more marrow

than bone (but found too much

of yourself in a room).


Now, brew a new base-

line: love the self more

than its small frame.


How you won’t find

rips in iron. Build the body

back with bolts this time.


Shaina Clingempeel has appeared in Black Fox Magazine, Poetry Quarterly, Long Exposure Magazine, and others.

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