Jennifer Hudgens



Pilgrimage to my cunt

Growler     expanse    void

Rid the world of your token ideologies

Kitschy bullshit         and the bowels

I am the bowels of doom             and archaeology

finds          I am fine here    I am fine fine fine

Fired from my job      and who gives you

frequency          frequent flier miles    birth control

Babies scream   monkeys   end up hating the

godless thing    Cousins     kissing      cousins     Charity

lives full of lies  Moths orgasm at your bare feet and

we lost god The rides aren’t        broken rotten   or petulant    Fat       brides-maid                 waits eagerly          eyes roll back Speedometer         passive-aggressive    hard ribbon candy Christmas sticky           Lemon drop soured on my dirty tongue      You are my tongue    the sting            under my feet.






Cast the circle in sea salt and

wet bones, praise the body politic

that pulled them under ground.


Hail corners of the dark, soft,

red clay, slurp sulfur from

matchsticks, wine from your chin—

pretend this is your blood.


Focus on constellations, eclipse

a full moon, name the sky,

pour into a pool of your sorrow.


Ask your familiars to say their

true names, borrow a tooth or claw,

fashion a pendulum, ask it if

you will survive this.


Jennifer E. Hudgens uses poetry to navigate the weirdo/darkling/beautiful thing called life. Jennifer holds a Bachelors degree in Creative Writing from the University of Central Oklahoma and is currently attending Oklahoma State University for her MFA in poetry. She is Editor-in-Chief at Wicked Banshee Press, Assistant Poetry Editor of Jazz Cigarette, poetry reader at FIVE2ONE, and editorial assistant at The Cimarron Review. Jennifer has been published in several online and print journals, with work forthcoming in Thirteen Myna Birds,  FIVE2ONE, Thoughtcrime Press, Red Paint Hill, and Glass. Jennifer’s chapbook Paloma, is forthcoming from Blood Pudding Press in winter 2017. Jennifer is constantly striving to be a better human and poet.


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