Alexandra Corinth

Meeting Your Reflection on an Elevator in D.C. 

as if realizing for the first time

your mirrors are made of glass 


and can shatter with a single touch 


and can see through you 

as if haunted, 


a ghost thing 


afraid to 

be called soul 





because—why must I myself bare 

to be 




afraid to be noticed, 


every eye noticing 

your tongue, wavering as you whisper 

no, stop 


and every mouth swearing

by your teeth, shining as you scream 

yes, please 


surely you welcome

this study of your body

and its many wounds 




for it is merely vessel,

and you, merely passenger—


darkness reflected

where your face should be 



Alexandra Corinth is a disabled writer and artist based in DFW. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in SWWIM, Glass, Mad Swirl, Thimble Literary MagazineAtticus Review, among others. Her poem, “A Guide for the Visitors of Solovetsky Monastery” was chosen as a top 10 winner of the Writer’s Garret’s 2018 Common Language Project. She is also an editorial assistant for the Southwest Review. You can find her online at

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