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Gravitational Waves

An erasure poem from The Atlantic,

“The Dawn of a New Era in Science”

by Matthew Francis February 11, 2016


More than a billion years ago,

more than a billion light-years away,

two black holes spiraled together

gravitational waves rippled across the universe

to an ultra-sensitive detector

another triumph for Einstein


the advent of gravitational-wave astronomy.

The universe a much more interesting place

churned up spacetime,

generating an ever-louder and faster cycle of waves,

far beyond expectations

ripple spacetime,

like rings moving outward in a pond,


an exquisite instrument

astronomical amounts of money,

decades of careful planning,

researchers numbering in the thousands

it was all worth it


Susan Beall Summers is an over-educated, under-achiever who has traveled from the swamplands of South Georgia to the Pyramids of Egypt. She interviews poets for Texas Nafas and Channel Austin, is a member of Writer’s League of Texas, Austin Poetry Society, and Gulf Coast Poets. Publishing credits include Ilya’s Honey, Texas Poetry Calendar, Harbinger Asylum, Yellow Chair Review, Di-Verse-City, Cattails, Frog Pond, and others. She has a full-length collection and a recent chapbook. She has given feature performances across the country and remains unapologetic about her open mic addiction. www.tidalpoolpoet.com

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