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An Assault That Never Happened


In dream, he and I work together

and he’s Indian for some reason


though I don’t know many

Indian people in real life


Is that worse than my subconscious

assigning him this particular race?


We’re left in the office by ourselves

to wrap up a project or two


and I wonder why our two colleagues

dash off so quickly, leaving us alone


Suddenly, he’s behind me and one hand

clamps down on my shoulder


the other a brown-skinned snake

burrowing its way under my skirt…


I wake up to darkness in my bed

sleeping husband at my side.


Grateful for my escape back to reality

I look up at one corner of our room


where the off-white wall and ceiling meet.

It looks a little darker than the rest


like something’s perched there, watching

drinking in the dread seeping from my body.


Too late at night and too tired to be scared

I throw a two-pronged trident at the air:


A prayer for peace of mind

And “fuck you” fastball


flying with enough force to assuage my fear

as I drift off to more gentle dreams.


Eloísa Pérez-Lozano lives in Houston and works as an events and publicity coordinator for Arte Público Press at the University of Houston. She has studied poetry with Dr. John Gorman, and has also worked with renowned Mexican poet Lucha Corpi since the spring of 2014. She is a long-distance member of the Latino Writers Collective and a member of the Gulf Coast Poets and The Poetry Society of Texas. Her poetry has been featured in The Texas Observer, aaduna, Diverse Voices Quarterly, and The Acentos Review, among others.

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