“Son of Man//Sans Mains” & “Lint” By: Connor McGaha

Son of Man//Sans Mains
jesus christ drinking
on trashbag mountain
next to gutter on central.
i threw loose change at him
on the way to my fucking job.

i want to disrobe you
and swallow you whole:
sexual organs//small appendages//
major joints//spine& skull
i’m going to floss before drinks
with strands of your hair
i want to raid your drawers
find all your t-shirts
trash my pillowcases
and sleep on your cotton
live forever inside my stomach
we can save money//one coffin
i want to ball you up like lint
i want to hold you up
to my matchstick struck
force birth//immerse in warmth
can you hear me anymore?
or is the rumbling too loud?
i want to rip out your pages&
throw in my parents’ polaroids
of me and the family cat
sleeping on grandma’s couch
i’m wrapping my bed in christmas lights
so we never have to leave

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