“Celebration” By: Brad G. Garber

Rice or noodles is the choice like there is no other so I order a Captain Burger with blue cheese and lettuce bacon noodles and a side of did I tell you the time I sliced a tire in Wyoming after floating condoms across the stage then running out to the International to duck and stumble but she didn’t understand the cruelty and I ran up the bluffs after our cold shower and set on sandstone singing of eagles and hawks while cultures grew in the lab and the thin slices of plants were stained in dirty Mississippi water full of chromium nitrates phosphorus cobalt blood oil hair the evidence of humanity without the celery miso soy ginger for flavoring and I took a turn to find dead whales and small spiny fish in pools with power dreams and there was the fresh crab or reticent clam climbing over the mountains to improve the lot and exclaim its frustration while bamboo flourished along the hot tub muffling the sounds of extinction and guns in the distance made mind soup and blanching fingers but this is like cutting the last redwood out of the forest and eating the marbled bird from its moss and then the crippled came to me laughing in their misery and I stood before the wall shouting into the hot tar while music played and balloons flowed out of the air like every thought I ever had and the tab at the end of the meal was balanced with nothing owed nothing needed but the alleged right to choose something to eat

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