Valin Paige

A Eulogy for Trans Doe & Viccky Gutierrez

The doe turns its head slowly not to watch for danger
& drinks up the whole world in its oak wood pooled eyes.
Its fur smells of cave insides & wet leaves.

The bullet is hunting for it. It has tunnel vision & will
find exactly what it wants one way or another – Tindr
will set the bullet on fire. The bullet knows good

smelling doe. The bullet says she smells so fuckin good.
The bullet learned how to hunt holy – call the bullet
a frat knight all wrapped up in its metal shell.

Call the doe pre-trophy & ask if it wants to meet up
sometime tomorrow night when the sky has turned
a dangerous kind of hazel – you’ll go to her place

because she smells so fuckin good. You watch
& wait, Bullet. Watch and wait for some good               space
where a bullet will slide so easy in, Bullet.

Last night, Doe called her mother, said,
Mamma Doe, I found a man who has hidden
himself away. I think I can teach him to open

& wasn’t it over so quick, Bullet? Did it in
the living room which has become an ironic space.
Held your hand in her good smelling fur.

Bullet, the only thing I don’t get it why you burnt
the body. All that Doe just lying there in the soft
living room grass. I imagine it touched the tip

of her nose. All that good Doe meat smelling of
wet caves & the insides of leaves. Did it smell too
good, Bullet? Did you have to burn the body

before she smelled like what you had done to her?
& she helped you so well out of your shell bullet
did you want her to smell like your explosion?



Valin Paige is a spoken word poet living in St. Paul, MN. She has a spoken word album titled Bleed Through and is published on Button Poetry, Coffin Bell, and VASTARIEN. She is currently an MFA student at Hamline University.

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