Ugonna-Ora Owoh

Black boy’s miracle

Black Friday got me with a bottle of champagne.
I hide my teeth behind my tongue while eating the ice cream.
I make a fresh trip downtown.

Many things would claim my uneasiness when I pretend to be holy.
It hurts seeing my enemies unchanged
& wanting invisible wars for my end.

I get fierce, I mundane, I catch the cold sitting in my lungs.
Importance is my sacred bitch.
We  flip flop.

I break the humble hip pop record,
I have my best Grammy & BET trophy as a crucifix
I replay & replay my mother’s voice

about God loving me
& not wanting to see my soul
stained by the bitch sin.

I crush on God when every man has failed to loved me.
He opens his arms
& I fall in like fresh marigold.

I make the loudest halleluiah for seeing
the gap between his two front teeth.
I walk with him on the first dance

& heaven becomes a ballroom.
Rainbow light flashes to my drunken eyes.
I sleep on his finest bed made of gold & stars.

We kiss a lazy good night.
His lips, good to practice hunger on.
I scream like Medea all through the night.

He wakes me up with the sexiest whisper
I’m here love, it’s just a nightmare
We ghost embrace,

we give each other a #i’myours&yourmine
serious smile & cuddle. We sing love songs.
We bear our arms as cello. Make our faces holier.


Ugonna-Ora Owoh is a Nigerian poet and model. He is a recipient of a 2018 Young Romantics/Keats-Shelley prize and a 2019 Erbacce Prize. He is a winner of a 2019 Stephen A. Dibiase International poetry prize and a 2018 Fowey Short Story Prize. He was a highly commended poet for the 2019 Blue Nib Chapbook Contest. His recent poems are on Confingo Magazine, The Malahat Review, The Matador Review, The Puritan, Vassar Review and elsewhere. He is featured in Pride Magazine and Puerto Del Sol Black Voices series.

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