Seth Copeland


Crybaby Bridge Song 2

/with midnight


Every county of every state has a spin on why

the span shrieks. Two struck by a motorist :_: Mom drownt them both/

Nestor says her name was Redbird/One

mungy night she scrapes across the bridge/Throws a preemie

globster_oozy in brown gelflesh_out the fucking window

of a cyclops Ford/Screams in oldtongue


she does not understand/Lives out penance in New Mexico’s dry yawn/

Nestor’s girlfriend she was blowing him_bro_

&& her eyes rollt white & tolt him all this_

~ writ your name on the membrane of the creek/give it peace_

I will sleep to your name ~ :swhat she said dude_I mean_

sfucked up: Took his breath


& gave it back in mescaline spurt_old lives_crippled

canyon wren_drownt wolf spider_boybaby flotsam/

:its my forgiveness to give_its my forgiveness to give_itsmy:

he shoegazed to this mantra what seemt a Homeric mile/

I sat too herbic to refuse_ready to help a friend/and spear the spent

cottonmouth placenta spooking the sandbed.


Prideless Wailing


:                  Mr. Boneyman, time has come

:      for a woman poet to scribe a scrollful of pantoums

:            about having an affair

:            & criticals call for it/uplift it

:      & y_stop there(? trans tryst haiku//greyace kenning risqué

:                  & (inactual old Ænglisc—!).


:                  Usual fundie rhetor on this warns a <bs>logical<bs/>

:      conclude: hexametrics by interspecies freeloves

:            U_turned to ((thLight)) near ending didnt ye child

:            Wutever were you seeking at

:      in the Big)Angry)Male)Voice caving the earth

:                  but an alcoholic stepdad?


:                  Lookt forhis grave in the backway dirtslits

:      Earth cauls his bone &stone

:            What ink she drug of your boozesalt tears

:            over that(in the pantoums she gives him no name

:      Fair trade)Try to pass the Bechdel, Boney

:                  No cheating


Seth Copeland edits petrichor, and New Plains Review. His work has appeared in Crab Fat, Otoliths, Menacing Hedge, San Pedro River Review, concīs, Clade Song, and Mud Season Review. He teaches and studies in the Oklahoma City metro.

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