Rob Kirbyson

Overlord by Rob Kirbyson




The Slowest of Days




The Velocipede



The Vodun Box






Statement from Rob Kirbyson:
“As youngsters we are nurtured and educated on traditional and modern surreal concepts. Wooden boys who are miraculously given the gift of life, talking wolves and rabbits, houses made of cake and near death experiences in alarming dreamscapes accompanied by fantastical characters like heartless lions and brainless scarecrows. We nurture our own young in the same way, yet we seem to largely lose the connection with ‘childish’ surrealism as adults and become less receptive to its newer forms, the more rooted we become in reality.
I aim to paint and create places of wonder, populated by wonderful, bizarre and sometimes frightening characters, of the type that so enthralled us at the start of our lives. There have always been two worlds. The one we walk in and the one we escape into.”


All of Kirbyson’s work is painted in acrylics or oils on canvas, canvas board, wood panel, aluminum sheet, or steel sheet. He works in a secluded and camouflaged studio in Kinross, Scotland.

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