Natalie Lombardi | Issue 8 Cover Artist



“Gathering Up What Grace is Left” is featured on the cover of Crab Fat Magazine issue 8.


Hold On Skinny Love


Utter Rapture



Natalie Lombardi is a long time artist and a full-time scientist in Cleveland, OH. Her background is in Microbiology and teaching science, but creating art had always been her main passion. You can find her on Instagram @abstract.nat or email her at Her website is under construction.


  1. I have never been published before, and I realize now I should have listed more details about myself. I am a research technician from Lakewood, OH and creating art helps me stay sane. Saner. I have a B.S. in Microbiology and a Master of Arts in Teaching. Follow me on Instagram @abstract.nat

    Thanks for looking!

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