Nadim Choufi


Four Palestinian Boys Killed Playing Football & My Father Buys New Cleats



Fifteen feet of toe grazing heel from one rock to the next

measure the width of today’s goal        forgotten about

when the water pipe erupts into Zamzam’s well arching


calendulas to kiss an enclave of dirt        on all sides

dampening the coming breath        graft tongue to hole

gashed rib to lesions more tender than forgiveness


they can take some punishment        drunk uncles

& martyrs        plastered on neighborhood walls

knees grounded        finding home in the same direction


a flame cracks the sound of taking        from the outside

going in        for to feel the warmth in a rift of wood

can make a house fire carve out an ending


of children taught to draw birds instead of guns        apples

picked in mouthful pockmarks        flung thread-thin

the weight they move through replaces the air holding you















Nadim Choufi is an Arab-Lebanese poet and a regular contributor to Middle Eastern zines. His poetry has appeared in Sula Collective, Jaffat El Aqlam, and elsewhere.

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