Monica Beaujon



arms of light languish

in my mean, inky eye.

i fossilized the sun

and wrung all the seas

out of the earth. i


relish desertification

and broken onwards. my

muscles sing at the sight

of fire and blooming.

winters compose my bones—


tangled yarn, my flesh.

my fist is unbreakable;

it is endless ice. my skin

scars flame and i break

rock with my teeth. by


bodies and crystals, i am

most despised. irreversible,

i am the guide of time. the

cosmos go limp in my grip,

having finally resigned.


Monica Beaujon is an undergraduate student, majoring in English at the University of Wisconsin. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in the magazines Viewfinder, Germ, Lady, and Maudlin House. Other writing of hers has recently been published in Thought Catalog.

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