Minying Huang

Sun and Haar 



Sun girl dais bent before night,

her back an altar curving into


swoon, into rhapsody and bite

like you have never felt before.


Goddamn, she swelters, liquid;

and you, rawky, devour dark,


drink crepuscular – you, rawky,

are crescent passage tailing sky –


are ithmus stranded crib child

chasing static with an archer’s


bow. She is fire and motion; you,

without hands to possess, are


zilch across glass broken crushed

chagrin rattling fiasco. Birdcages


(bodies) falling into disrepair: this

is an act of resistance. Bloodied


cables reach out, ready to choke the

immortal goddess of the moon.




Sun girl denuded stripping down to afternoon

glow, shades of red, orange, yellow, beheld in

pallor and still dark is tripping, delighting,

never waning, gallingly close to the edge. You’re

sick to think a sick girl will be more likely to

touch you than that midday empress at whose

feet your heart drops to cower in fear… you

would rather her wraith (like you) than ruddy

(without you); want her fog, haar, breathless,

tripping into you – but if she fucks you haar,

this world turns stumbling to snuff beneath

your long-gone fingertips, your unscrewed lips.




You are not what I was expecting, with
your green-tea mouth, lychee tongue.
Weight welcome and taste so sweet got
me clambering into that mouth for more;

got me running fingers through pirate
hair into nuzzle across the bridge of your
nose; got me reaching beneath choice
knitwear so hush and giggle and warm
like the mug I was holding before we fell
into bed and I crashed my face into your
elbow because I am graceful like that; you
are laughing at the ghost of stagger, of
topple, of lurch ghosting my skin and yours
like a sea breeze saltier, vine flower spicier,
lighting fires (funnier) down between legs
tangled and now hard to untangle. Maybe
back-peppering kisses would be easier if
we were better at acrobatics but I like that
we, bare-wearing, roll with clumsy so well.

Minying Huang is a British-born Chinese student from Cambridge, England, reading for a BA in Spanish and Arabic at Oxford University. Her poetry has been published and/or is forthcoming in PANK Magazine, Vagabond City Literary Journal, and Okey-Panky by Electric Literature.

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