Meg E. Griffitts

Prevention is the Best Self-Defense


“the soul, like semen, escapes the body swiftly…”

         -Eduardo C. Corral



Street lamps serenade me— speechless.

Find each curve of his name—

Guillermo—pretend each letter is a Lover.  Translate

my wardrobes warbling into the hum

of a diver rising too fast:

pressure burrowing into cocoon ears

like static. Pin down moonshade

as offering for the frenzy of snow

angels.  Tell me how pleasure is

a hologram.       Try to

recall those classes /that move

monkey grip          hips up

roll over.




Step 1: Drown your cunt daily in chloroform.

Step 2: Plant palm trees in your belly button.

Step 3: Don’t be alarmed when your clitoris crystallizes.

Step 4: Papier-mâché your brain.

Step 5: Be grateful for the white spaces in chokeholds.

Step 6: Hold heat you can see.


Meg Griffitts’ work has appeared or is forthcoming in Crab Fat, White Stag, The Fem, Us For President, Luna Luna, Hypertrophic, Evening Will Come, The Colorado Independent, and BlazeVox. She believes in black cats, spiced rum, and Audre Lorde. In addition to writing poetry, she enjoys writing essays, giving up craft projects halfway through, and cooking as therapy.

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