Matt Margo



the crab is extremely soft Ӥ an uninhabited island Ӥ a small kingdom Ӥ kingston upon thanes Ӥ encouraged to emigrate Ӥ the only entrance is a confusing labyrinth of lava tunnels Ӥ yellow outlined in green Ӥ the corn for the lord Ӥ the notebooks of cornelius Ӥ small freckles of white and maroon Ӥ memory flower Ӥ indefinite form Ӥ broadcast in high definition Ӥ believed to be the first human Ӥ the first sunday in june Ӥ the witch Ӥ the fish that swallowed the phallus Ӥ a gay man Ӥ a secret mission Ӥ to move a sequence of cards




eating some sweet potatoes but not eating bread Ӣ the dream appears to the dreamer Ӣ a back-end database Ӣ raw and wild Ӣ carved from alder wood Ӣ a mud puddle containing nothing Ӣ the golden image Ӣ following a failure Ӣ still impressive Ӣ various animals and monsters Ӣ killed in a traffic collision Ӣ guardian of the pale Ӣ chaos and cadavers Ӣ and a bottle of rum Ӣ a kind of ballad Ӣ formed after the fall Ӣ war as a model Ӣ covered in light orange hairs Ӣ with distinct dots at the fold Ӣ from autumn through winter into spring


Matt Margo is a person who writes. They are the author of Blueberry Lemonade (Bottlecap Press, 2015) and the editor of the online poetry magazine Zoomoozophone Review. Learn more about them and their writing at

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