Leilani Tandy


When I die, I will fall into emptiness,

emptiness as thick as molasses,

And I with slowly drown in its sickly sweet smell.

an endless nothing so infinite that I fail to comprehend it.

I know that I will die with my body.

When I die my heart will stop, I will stop breathing.

So I appreciate every breath that I get.

I won’t know when I inhale for the last time,

perhaps I won’t even have the chance to exhale.

Since I don’t know when my last one will be,

I will enjoy every last breath,

When my short time on this earth is done,

I hope that I have helped more than I have hurt.

But at the end,

I suppose it won’t really matter.


Leilani Tandy is an aspiring poet and writer residing in Hawaii.

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