Kitt Keller



1. it is addiction, the way the heat smells

the way it burrows into skin like a small thing looking to winter.

if you say, at least he doesnt hit me,

the relationship is already aflame. dig out a hole.

your choices are tunnel to freedom or

be buried in it.


2. i love the smell of gasoline—honestly.

when i used to drive to the gas station, i would stand

in the hot wind and feel it soak into me

then breathe that smell, like a sour soup you cannot eat,

let it fill me up. the click of the pump handle

like a cocking gun.


3. different elements will burn with different flames, different intensities.

copper burns algae-green and hot; paper, buttery and soft.

plastic and glass melt if you fire them hot enough: after

the conflagration, you may find wine bottles which burst,

sent steam into the air, then congealed.

green ponds of what once held something precious.


4. there is a code of honor:     you build after you destroy.

  you burn for the love of the game.

  you burn only the things

  that belong to you.


Kitt Keller’s work can be found in Ghost Town, Four Chambers, Phoebe, Hoot Literary Review online, and Narrative Magazine. Kitt tweets semi-regularly @thekittkeller.

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