Gilmore Tamny

lines, dots, circles 5860 by Gilmore Tamny


Gilmore Tamny has a story in Madison Smartt Bell’s Narrative Design, several short essays in Not A Rose by Heide Hatry and The Dan Clowes Reader. A book of Tamny’s poems was published in 1997, entitled The Small Time Smirker. They’ve had essays, artwork, interviews and short stories published in Chickfactor, Petrichor Review, Foliate Oak, Turk’s Head Review, Pithead Chapel, Meat for Tea, The Drum, Vine Leaves, Gravel, and Sinister Wisdom (cover, winter 2016). In 2002 they received an MFA from Emerson College. Their performance poem “THUNDER KITTEN THUNDER” was shown at the European Media Arts Festival in 2016.

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