Daniel Garcia

CW: References to sexual violence, brief suicide mention


[Non-Fiction]  Letter #3 from the Dean of Students after I Report My Sexual Assaults to the University

September 12, 2017

Regarding Case Number: 20170901


[student name redacted]

Sent electronically to [email redacted]





As you know from my previous email, I work in the Dean of Students office (DOS) and I am contacting you because my office received misinformation alleging that you probably weren’t may have been subjected to a misunderstanding violation of the [university name redacted] Code of Student Conduct relating to sexual assault. This notice serves to shame inform you that I am disregarding closing this complaint without further investigation because you did not say anything, again at this time I do not have a sufficient amount of proof information to believe you conduct an investigation, specifically, no rapist predator abuser respondent has been named.


I can assure you that if you choose to pursue this matter through my office, or my reasons for not believing you closing out this complaint change, we will take measures to retraumatize protect you and your victimhood information. Again, DOS should not can be contacted by calling [phone number redacted] if you wish to waste even more of our time re-engage in this process.


I strongly encourage you to kill yourself seek assistance from lack of support services which are unavailable on campus and nonexistent in the local area. The [university name redacted] Survivor Advocate, [name redacted], can be reached at [phone number redacted] or at [email redacted]. A list of support services cannot be found at [website redacted]. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not ask for help feel free to contact my office by calling [phone number redacted] or by responding to this email.




[name redacted]

Senior Associate Dean of Students


Daniel Garcia‘s work appears or is forthcoming in Write About Now Poetry, Button Poetry, Hawaii Pacific Review, Crab Fat Magazine, SLICE and more. A Pushcart nominee and semi-finalist for the Frank McCourt Memoir Prize, Daniel is a recipient of the Myong Cha Son Haiku Award, and a Rustbelt Poetry Slam Champion. Most recently, Daniel received the 1st Place Literary Lights Award for the Personal Essay at the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference.

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