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TW: sexual assault/rape

Deer fatally shot after wandering into downtown Pittsburgh

CBS/AP June 19, 2016, 9:20 PM

 A deer that wandered into downtown Pittsburgh has been shot and killed.

Public safety officials said reports began coming in at about 10:30 a.m. Sunday that a deer was seen running around downtown streets.

The city’s animal care and control unit officers responded. Spokeswoman Sonya Toler said the deer was cornered in the vacant parking garage of the former Pittsburgh Post-Gazette building for about an hour.



It’s been ten years,

and I can still feel your hands around my neck.

A cliché, yes, but you did a cliché thing.

You held me down in a cement garage

while I kicked and grunted.

You said your dick was small

but you knew how to use it.


You passed out afterwards,

naked on cold concrete,

cock limp, legs splayed,

red pubic hair in knots.

You snored and drooled,

your glasses askew.

You looked like a boy then.


I tried to whisper by you,

careful where I placed my hooves.

But you woke up,

and gave me a kiss.



I made it to the door,

to the wet grass outside the garage

before my knees knocked.

A friend’s car idled out front,

watching me fall in blue gravel,

shins cut by sharp

chalk-rock. My eyes blind

like an antique mirror.


He wouldn’t look at me.

The one in the car.

He said I went where I didn’t belong.

He didn’t believe that I didn’t want it.

Even when I told him I loved him.

Even when I pointed to the collar of black

where my bones used to be.


Brittany Hailer has taught creative writing workshops in a women’s rehabilitation center and the Allegheny County Jail, and is a freelance journalist for Public Source and an MFA Program Assistant at Chatham University. Brittany’s work has appeared in Tiny Donkey, Barrelhouse, Word Riot, among others. Brittany earned an MFA in nonfiction from Chatham University and lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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