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Why I Don’t Go to Parties



I’ve been drinking weak coffee in the morning

to save on cash – these beans aren’t cheap-

but still I’m devoted to this routine.

It’s been eleven days since I’ve taken my pills and

I cry more often than I bathe.


I go to parties sometimes,

if you can call it that.

Mostly I fidget and get high

and watch the shadows

dance on the wall.

I’ve never really been a people person,

but I take what I can get.


When they’re drunk they talk in poems

and I am enchanted by

the words that tumble through their teeth

in perfect meter,

like they were planned that way.

In another life I’ll do that too,

but I’m not drinking tonight and

I have the softest voice in the room.


M. DeCapua is a pink haired poet who lives for the first snowfalls of winter and the second cup of coffee of the morning. She attends Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont, where she studies creative writing, game design, visual art, and public relations—and that’s just the stuff that will fit on her diploma. Learning is her passion and she tries to write herself through the process. Her art, poetry included, documents her exploration of this weird and exciting world she’s found herself in.

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