1 poem | Jemma Hoolahan

Dancing Girls

and they’re kissing,

outline blurry

fussy, not quite in focus.
but they’re swaying to the silent music,

the non-existent hum

of bows on strings
and skeletal fingers on

her hands on the other girls back,

her lips on the other girls’ neck.

kissing that turns to


caresses that turns to


moans that fall to

stifled in the fuzzy outline;
silenced by the mirrors that face


mirrors which trap and press and

make it impossible to get out.
and so they’re kissing again,

lips against lips
darling they’re trapped

and they’re


internal screaming

by lips against lips
mirrors that crack but don’t shatter.
Girls who are caught,

running out of air

slowly dancing,

constantly dancing.

Jemma Hoolahan is currently studying English Literature at Edinburgh University in Scotland. Both a feminist and lover of words, Jemma has previously been published in Vagabond City Journal and Fickle Muses for her pieces on gender and sexuality. She is currently working as a poetry reader for Transcending Shadows and Persephone Daughters. She writes weekly for her university newspaper, The Student and often posts her poetry on her blog: heartsexplode.tumblr.com.


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