1 poem | Erica Charis

Cross threaded

I mean she was totally gay

It was the most awkward conversation
you could just tell, you know?

ever. In the history of mother-daughter
Wife-beater, cropped hair, tattoos—

awkwardness. Here I am, coming out and
everything about her screamed lezbo. Then

mid-sentence she comes out with
this dude comes up behind her

But you can’t be gay! You wear make-up!
and they’re clearly together

And I’m thinking: Fuck. Now I have to explain
(unless they weren’t, I mean

the difference between gender and sexuality,
what the fuck do I know

while the conversation I rehearsed
about all this) It’s cool but

it’s pushing at the back of my throat
–somebody needs to decide.

and whenever we talk we’re always
Whatever. It’s her life but…

trapped in these side conservations.
oh hey, where should I meet you?

We just never seem to get anywhere.

Erica Charis holds a B.F.A. from York University. Her work has been published in Borderline, FUSION and Yellow Chair Review and is forthcoming in Broad! and Anchor. Her cross-disciplinary collaborative work has been performed at Lesley University, the Lydia Fair, and the Dance Complex among other community venues. She’s also an alum of the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference. She posts excerpts of and links to her work on her blog: lettheceleryrot.wordpress.com.

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