1 poem | Elijah Pearson

A collection of short or unfinished thoughts / poems / dreams / tweets


  1. I do not like the parking garage
  2. the acid ghosts
    the people you will never be
  3. Licking a burning joint
  4. The thin pillows of poverty.
  5. I don’t think I’ll ever make a living writing poetry
  6. a trip into my psyche
    is an exploration of nothingness
    unrivaled by anything that nasa
    has ever funded
  7. ?
  8. Me, flirting with the penal system:
    “Hey, do you need any bud?”
  9. make peace with the dirt
  10. it is good dirt
  11. it does not want to be on your shoes
  12. it does not want to be in your house
  13. it is good dirt
  14. the dirt does not mean you any harm
  15. In this Sonoran desert
    there are hundreds of species of ants.
  16. It’s amazing how easily I can stop shivering
    if I just stop shivering.
  17. A dream: I am laying in a field
    the field is green
    the field becomes black
    I am still laying in the field.
  18. I lay down in your bed on top of a pile of your clean clothes. They do not smell like you but they smell like they could smell like you. Here, I am an ant on top of a mound of dirt, which is actually a complex series of tunnels by which I get around. Here, I am an infestation in your house. Your clothes now smell like cigarettes and fear. They will not smell like you until you wash them and wear them again.
  19. put lipstick on my adams apple
  20. A dream: we are both laying in your bed
  21. A dream: we are both laying in your bed in Phoenix
  22. A dream: we are both in Phoenix
  23. Back when I smoked Marlboro Red 100s
  24. Champagne vomit
  25. I’m starting to think about killing myself in the same way I think about having a career in poetry. It would be cool, but I probably won’t be able to do it.


Elijah Pearson is a 20-year-old poet who currently lives in Philadelphia. They are a co-founder and editor of Spy Kids Review. You can find their other work in Alien Mouth and Fog Machine. Follow them on Twitter @smallpuddle.


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