May 2019

“Geode” by Jasmine C. Bell


Alicia Winokur
Amy Saul-Zerby
Kristine Esser Slentz
Aurelia Kessler
Erin Slaughter
Gretchen Rockwell
Marisa Crane
Alex Checkovich
Emerson Henry
Shareen K. Murayama


JASMINE C. BELL is a poet and artist in Austin, TX who is also pursuing her Masters of Science in Social Work at the University of Texas. Her artwork was chosen for the cover of Rattle Magazine’s “Tribute to Poets with Mental Illness” issue and she is forthcoming in Persephone’s Daughters. In addition to taking commissions, she has designed work for notable poets including Ebony Stewart, Ariana Brown, George Abraham, and Joshua Nguyen. She loves Steven Universe, poetry, and Taiwanese food.

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