October 2017

Sylvan Lebrun

Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick

Katie Burke

Meg E. Griffitts

Andrew Boomhower

Lauren Yates

Ariel Francisco

Meghan O’Hern

Robin Cedar

Ellie White

Christina M. Wells

Jules Archer

Amanda Marbais


cover art: “The Figurative Language of Figueras #8″ by Seigar.


Seigar is an English philologist, high school teacher, and curious photographer. He is a fetishist for reflections, saturated colors, details and religious icons. He feels passion for pop culture that shows in his series. He considers himself a traveler and an urban street photographer. His aim as an artist is to tell tales with his camera, to capture moments but trying to give them a new frame and perspective. Travelling is his inspiration. However, he tries to show more than mere postcards from his visits, creating a continuous conceptual line story from his trips. The details and subject matters come to his camera once and once again, almost becoming an obsession. His three most ambitious projects so far are his “Plastic People,” a study on anthropology and sociology that focuses on the humanization of the mannequins he finds in the shop windows all over the world, “Response to Ceal Floyer for the Summer Exhibition,” a conceptual work that understands art as a form of communication, and “Tales of a city,” an ongoing series taken in London. He has participated in several exhibitions, and his works have also been featured in international publications.


Artist Statement:
On the 21st 2014, I got into Dali’s universe, in his Figueras Theatre Museum. His imagination and magnificence inundated my cam and my soul. My visions aspire to represent his craziness from my eyes perspective, trying to add from my most absolute and humblest adoration “another reading of his works.” This is my tribute to the Figueras genious.



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