Crab Fat Magazine: Best of Year Three

Every June we collect 25 pieces that really stood out to us during our publication year. We’re running a little late this year, after a long-distance move and getting settled into a new home and state, so we thank everyone for their patience and support. So many thanks to the brilliant writers for submitting and allowing us the privilegeĀ of publishing their work. We are in love with this anthology and hope you enjoy our selections.


Featuring work by Stephanie McCauley, torrin a. greathouse, Trish Hopkinson, George Abraham, Josh Anthony, Kaitlin Pang, McKenzie Chinn, Luther Hughes, Ava C. Cipri, Khaya Osborne, M.A. Scott, Sung Yim, Milo Gallagher, Fox Emm, Maya Kanwal, Face Hammond, Audrey Knight, Nicole McCarthy, Tracy Haack, Nicole Melchionda, Fernando Salas, N. N. Islam, Ambika Thompson, Markus Egeler Jones, and Simone Person.

Grab a copy from the Damaged Goods Press bookstore!

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