The Pulse: A Spring Night | Kenyatta JP Garcia

what does a mechanism look like? what shape does a tool take?

when gears turn

what were cogs

a facsimile

from where does change take its form? from what charge?

in what reflections

are the next and proximate

worlds born?


a weapon is worth its weight in its lack of necessity.
to be of no use is a bullet’s ultimate goal.
dust on triggers – the reward/


of tolerance

if not peace


what archaisms have crept into tomorrow? from what images were they cast?

a switch back/forth    off/on

a mold for more

circuits connected to work

to flow/conduct


in somewhere/out of some place
continuity has an origin in transformation
progress an industry of revolt/


a ride around circles

a drive along a diameter

to tell about where the circumference will lead

back to

but also where it’s been

how a spiral can be followed up or down
how a spring makes the old clocks become current
and continue to pulse

Kenyatta JP Garcia is a queer black/Puerto Rican writer living in Albany, NY who hopes everyday that one day things will truly get better.

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