When our Hindu Sena
passed a dictum
saying no two men
should lick the butt
of a same cornetto,
They were fucking serious
about their agenda


While that’s not over yet
The bar in Orlando
where the gun baptized
each heartbeat into a firefly…
In such frame of grief
our Hindu Sena here,
in a public bar, lights a fag,
takes a few drags each,
and says, what a Trump!
Are they fucking serious?

Linda Ashok has been a guest poet to many literary events in India including The Hindu Lit for Life, 2014 by Prakriti Foundation, PEN Prithvi, Mumbai, 2015, The Kala Ghoda Festival of Arts, 2016 and others. Her poetry has appeared or forthcoming in various literary journals including The Honest Ulsterman, Friends Journal, The McNeese Review, The Big Bridge Anthology of Contemporary Indian Poetry and others. She reviews poetry for The Rumpus, Entropy and Stirring–a Sundress Publication. She’s the Founder/President of RædLeaf Foundation for Poetry & Allied Arts, administering the RL Poetry Awards since 2013. Linda tweets at @thebluelimit.

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