It Doesn’t Matter Anymore | Mike Power

It doesn’t matter anymore
Why it was done, or how
Bright red is splattered everywhere
Mixed with chunks of flesh and booze
Eventually it goes down the drain
And gets washed out to sea
It doesn’t matter anymore
The deed cannot be undone
The memory cannot be forgot
There’s only so much that tears can wash away
Angry voices yell and tell
Who to blame and who to punish
Gun nuts
It doesn’t matter anymore
We like to pretend that we want it to stop
We like to say, “Never again”
We like to send our thoughts and prayers
We like to hold candlelight vigils
We like to weep together
But we don’t want it to stop
We don’t want it to stop
We don’t want it to stop
It doesn’t matter anymore
Mike Power is a writer and musician from NYC and anyone who wants to know more can check out their blog Words & Music at

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