“in context of quanta /  from bed I see space” By: C.M. Keehl

I changed direction from arbitrary /
north for parallel / galaxies &
finite ends that bleeds one to next; this
drain is not a pool in which to swim wave
that is a wave but also not a wave a duality/
duplicity from stopping hands to light
the race of veins within us. See how red light bends right
through as / if we were never there
in space the spectrum of silence is in tandem in
plasma in interstellar collision/ or vision/
& sistere sits self  & selves  in which to shelf
everything that could happen that will happen
happens here
i play theory that lays cozy dog on the bed
this is a place i keep finding cosmological parameters
living purgatory between sheets
while snaking between space, is a wave
but/ is light but not/
here this is a string
to begin to pull from dimension not this, but
not not this/  either.

C.M. Keehl is a writer, dreamer & destroyer that feels everything at once. She is the poetry editor at Dirty Chai Magazine. Her work has been published & forthcoming in: Great American Lit Mag, Trans Lit Mag, Electric Cereal, Reality Beach & Pigeonholes Mag. She tweets about her amazing dog, Carver, @colleenmkeehl.

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