“A Presaged Day Ago” By: Bob McNeil


Despondent about the Earth’s ecological state, Arthur Quisling, a scientist with an Einstein-like appearance, entered his six-by-eight, pyramid-shaped Dimensional Flier. In search of better universes, his yellow ship, which was capable of elongating and navigating through celestial holes, was preparing for its launch.

Before leaving in the craft, Arthur posted the following testament on www.alchemizedscience.com:

According to all tests, my Reincarnation Spores would have eliminated deleterious climate changes, the lamentable loss of biodiversity, the man-made imbalance between carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous, sullied water supplies, the damnable depletion of the ozone layer, the shrinking fish supply, as well as cancerous deforestation. Nonetheless, an egregious blight would have remained—humanity.

There is a planet out there that deserves my innovations. Your planet is not it.

On this day until my demise, I consider myself to be divorced from this world. Disconnected from your prejudice, wars, greed, jealousy, plagues and pollution, I am now, at last, a being who is true to his existence. Absolute Freedom is my father and Inner Peace is my mother. Beyond your doomed domicile, I will parent myself in a home that does not lodge guilt.

For a better terraqueous existence, racing forward at 167,000 miles per hour, the ship disappeared through a portal of white light. Since that day, no traces of the scientist or his ship were ever found.

Being that its only savior gave up caring, acclimated to Armageddon, the Earth awaited its fate.



  1. Beautifully said and always front & center with issues that matter. Love Bob McNeil and his creative consciousness. Continued Blessings as your wisdom speaks.

  2. I always appreciate and enjoy reading your poetical works; the vision of spirituality and relationship and being I perceive in them, and the elegance of your craft.

  3. Of all the poems I’ve ever read in my life I could circle the universe 10 times and never see a flame so bright you made me smile and laugh and cry all at the same time and I was loving every moment of it even though I never liked food much anyway because even if you get your head banged in 1000 times and you can still get up and keep on going then that means for support there is definitely a rock


    (Hey this is me. She had a lot more to say in this writing style. I transcribed more for her but when I tried to post her original comment it didn’t go through. I tried to remember and paraphrase what I could and this is what I got. I wish the original went through. It was so much better and made more sense, at least to you it probably would have. We loved your work, all of it. Thank you for sharing with us). 🙂 🙂

  4. I love the way Bob McNeil draws our imagination into this science fiction piece. The piece exposes the idea of people who are trying to protect our environment, being so fed up with the madness of our earth and the lack of urgency shown by the rest of us that seeking to create a more peaceful planet is an option to be considered. “On this day until my demise, I consider myself to be divorced from this world. Disconnected from your prejudice, wars, greed, jealousy,” The piece make us think about how many people have in fact given up on our environment and will a time come when the last “savior” will be no more, which I understand to be humanity giving up on itself. Brilliant!

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