“The Art of Being a Bird” By: Edward Kos


The bird sang happily from its nest.

“Hello bird,” said Tom, smiling at the bird from the ground.

The bird looked at Tom and thought of all the things it could reply to the human. “Hello Tom, fine day we’re having,” would be a very appropriate response. Another response was “Shut your fucking cake hole Tom,” or if he preferred pie “Shut your fucking pie hole,” but both seemed very crude. “I’m being a bird so hard right now,” was another response. Another response was: “Tom, your voice is exactly why animals go extinct.” Even another: “I need a new host for my eggs Tom and you’re the closest specimen.”

The bird shrugged and sang a bit more before flying away from its nest and Tom to find some food. After all, the early bird gets the worm.

Edward Kos is a writer. His works have appeared in the literary magazines Kayrix and Reflections, both small magazines based out of New Jersey. He received an honorable mention for one of his very short stories from Rutgers-Newark.

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