“Cromlech” By: Chad W. Lutz

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Ever since the stars kissed the Earth with their light for the first time things have been happening.

Lots of things.

For instance, hundreds of trillions of stars have lived and died, creating expansive nebulas and galaxies with the potential to sustain life.

Oh ya, and Paris Hilton went to jail. Thought you should know. One of those things. I mean, you know.
Sometimes lit only by the reflection of the sun off the moon, we’ve been spinning for almost 4.45 billion years, and yet some people still get motion sickness.
And plopped upon this rock posting up three blocks from the sun is a vast society. Ancient tribes turned suburban housewives.

Open fields turned mull gull hot hang out spot.

One jungle for another… and so the story goes.
Jellyfish washed ashore along with thousands of gallons of crude.

Better Planning should probably be implemented in the future.
Revolution is no longer a catchy tune by the Beatles, but a harsh reality that other people exist in far corners of the piece of dust we float on. Right next to a couple other similarly sized pieces of dust. All lit by a flaming ball of liquid, infinite energy. Fusion.

Fucking FUSION!

People blaming people based on their colors; not their creed.

Animals being hung out to dry like stained satin sheets.
What about me?” they all cry. “What about me?”

Funny, the ones who need help seem to be the ones that ask for it the least.

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  1. Chad
    Why “Cromlech” bud?
    I know what “Cromlech” means, but can’t link your content to that soundbyte.

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