“I Want a Man Like That” By: Isabelle Eileen Rodriguez

I want a man who knows
That deep yearning for what should be;
That desperate desire to be
A real Man.
Feeling all his life has led up to
This moment,
The moment when he knows that he’s arrived.
Nothing held him back.
Two fleshy tumors:
Betrayal to his True-Self,
Being amputated like a sick or defective limb.
Sharp scalpels and stabbing needles;
What some would call mutilation he calls
New hormones ripping through veins.
The beautiful pain of going through the correct puberty.
Muscles developing.
Body changing.
Voice deepening.
All pieces of his puzzle falling into place.
A new name.
A new life.
A new reality.
A new body that will no longer betray him.
I want a man who knows what it truly means
To become a man.
Not just in gender,
But in every sense of the word.
He knows that being a man is more than his cock.
More than his facial hair.
More than his beautifully deep voice.
He earned his manhood
Through pain,
He earned his fucking title of
I want a man like that.

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