“The Sand Maiden” By: Eric Allen Yankee

Today I built a sandcastle.
I started by digging a moat
And shoveling a path for the water
To rush in and fill the empty spaces.
I constructed a central building
And poked a hole in it for a door.
I built a high tower and defended
It with a sand cannon on top.
I raised the wall as far as I could reach.
My castle would trust no one
To enter its fragile halls.
Trust only leads to Giants
Tearing through your defenses
And crushing your helpless citizens.
I fashioned a sand dragon
And placed it before the gate
To provide a challenge.
A fearsome demon born
From someone’s dark thoughts.
I placed a sand maiden in the tower.
She’ll forever be trapped there
And waiting for a Knight
To slay my fierce sand beast.
The sand knight is far away.
He hides under a snail shell
And debates about whether or not
He’s strong enough to bury his sword
In the dragon’s flesh.

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