“Let Us Pray” By: Heather Lyn

Peace be with you
and with your spirit
roll over and let me
kiss your spine.

Pin me against the wall
and bind me with
the lavender curtain.
Connect me with your energy.
I am not worthy to
receive your grace,
but only bite my lip
and I shall be healed. [1]
O Lover,
Oneness of Life and Light,
shed the foolishness in myself
as I shed my clothes. [2]
Let no one suffer
because of me.
Hurt me if you must–
I dedicate myself to the service
of serving you.
I am she that liveth,
and was dead;
and behold, I am alive

evermore with you,
my key to hell.[3]
But the silken sad uncertain
rustling of each purple curtain
thrills me![4] You fill me
with lust and praise
and need and grace
and I am yours.

[1] Typical Catholic greeting and Communion offering.
[2] Certain wording has been taking from Buddhist prayers.
[3] Taken from Revelation 1:18.
[4] Line from Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven”.

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