“Eavesdropped Words En Route to Starbucks and Back Again, pt. I” By: Michael Verderber

(Left office)
Let’s start a student coalition.
I thought about calling people.
I hope we get done by seven.

Dr. J?

Oh, thank you.

(Super Mario Bros ring tone goes off, now outside.)
It would be my lucky day tomorrow.

Yeah, you talk shit about it.

(New doorway)
I’m interested in law.

That’s so weird. We had Alex with us.

(Enters Starbucks)
Grande Cappuccino Vanilla!

I’m gonna give you a constant swim.

And here is your receipt.
Refill, please.
96 cents in pennies there?
Trust me.

(Exits Starbucks, new doorway)

It looked like pineapples.

My phone disagrees.



(Outside again)
Starbucks is soooo—
Is it?


(New doorway)
Hello. Yesssss??

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