“Trying To Make The One-Night Stand Last” By: Joseph Reich

Although’s made-to-look like

cookie-cutter condominiums

& aint criticizing (condemning?) them
looking like some postmodern nightmare cotswald

& think they need some sorta
murder or shakespeare drama

but perhaps that’s all/ready happened
and just one big denouement


(of climate-controlled

happily ever afte)r


ap:e think hope solo just lost it

& still so pretty, aint no sinner

my american hero (!) could use

an american hero & oil & vinegar

a grinder? a hoagie? submarine…

steve mcqueen (the fleeting,submarine sailor)

one of the first known cases

(to go untreated) & fatalitites of mesolthetimia
can’t spiel that like the state of mississippi


think jack the ripper & the boston strangler

just felt unwanted & unloved

(no one to eat bagels with or pick up

the new york & london times)


& that there being the biggest crime…


has there ever been an extensive,clin,icall,didactic

study on fog? on bogs? (onward christian soldiers)

on those logs being delivered downtown,upwards,downriver

from the skull of the lumbermill up in the missionary mountains


past the ex-cons & dope addicts?

past the foghorns & windy apple orchards?

past the hotsprings & scenic view of the city?

beneath that lonesome silo:wedded solitary
tow-bridge operator

to those stray dogs guarding the used-car lots


& american indian just leaned back in the park

playing harmonica…

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